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Balancing ZS carbs on '74 E-type V12

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Sinewave T. Keith Vezina
Kenner, LA, USA   USA
I'm trying to get the carbs balanced but having some issues.

I disconnected the throttle linkages on each side of the engine. After backing off of the idle screws and then re-engaging the idle screws for the right-rear and left-front carbs, I loosened the throttle shaft linkages between the front and rear carbs, made sure the butterflies are completely closed and then re-tightened the pinch bolts. I made sure that the choke fast idle screws are not contacting the cam.

Using a uni-sync, I balanced the right-rear and left-front carbs. I then synced the right-front carb to the other two but the left-front won't sync. I has so much less vacuum that it will not register on the uni-sync.

Also, with all of the idle speed screws backed out, the engine idle speed is about 1500 rpm.

I have not checked valve adjustment or ignition timing but this is engine has low miles since a recent rebuild.

Any suggestions?

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