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Timing marks on pulley don't correspondend with the timing indicator

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sjamajee Avatar
sjamajee Dominique Delarue
Bredene, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium   BEL
Hi everybody,

First of all, sorry for my bad English.
I'm having following issue:

I'm currently restoring a 1967 E-type FHC 2+2 4.2l
I've installed a new electronic ignition (123 ignition tune+) and the engine starts and runs.
Now i want to finetune the ignition but could not find the timing mark on the pully with the timing lamp (stroboscoop).
I've found the timing mark on the pully when I've looked from the front of the engine, the timing mark on the pully is at +/- 60° instead of the 180°.
I guess that the previous owner at one point rebuild the engine and missaligned the this.
Has anyone a idea how this can be fixed?
Maybe getting the distributor out and then turn the gear until the marks on the pully match the pointer?

Thanks for the help


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chrisowens chris owens
atlanta, USA   USA
Hi, Put the number one cylinder at top dead center of the compression stroke,
remembering that it is the rear cylinder. The timing mark should line up with the pointer.
I can't remember but does your engine not have the timing mark on the flywheel
to be viewed through a hole in the bell housing? That is the setup on my series one.
Anyway, at this point the timing mark should line up on the pointer and the rotor
in the distributor should point at the number one plug wire terminal. The pulley on the
crakshaft only fits in one spot due to the woodruff key that holds it in position. Moving
the distributor gear would only alter the position of the distributor once it is timed

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Puddinhead Avatar
Puddinhead Patrick Forestell
Ocala, Florida, USA   USA
When your at tdc6, is your rotor punting at 6 ?

There is a key that only let's the damper to correctly fit, is the key missing which would then allow damper to mount incorrectly. He crank key is called a Woodruff key, spelling ? The engine rebuilder..may have forgotten to reinstall the key.


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140JAG Avatar
140JAG Silver Member Bob Hardison
Huntsville, Alabama, USA   USA
1956 Jaguar XK140 "Old Red"
1961 Jaguar Mark 2 "White Mark 2"
1965 Jaguar Mark 2 "Old Blue"
1969 Jaguar E-Type Convertible
The timing pointer is located in different locations on different models. On the Series 3 XJ6, the pointer is on the water pump housing at 4 O'clock. On earlier models the pointer is at 6 o'clock. This is because the marks on the damper are different on some models. My guess is you have a Series 3 damper on an earlier 4.2 engine.

sjamajee Avatar
sjamajee Dominique Delarue
Bredene, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium   BEL
Thanks everybodu for the help.
Sorry for the late answer but i've been very busy.
As i've seen on the internet, I think that Bob is correct. I think that the damper is from another series.
Can anyone post a picture of the timingmarks from a correct damper?

For now, i have timed the ignition as followed:

Put cyl 1 in TDC
On the distributor housing, i've marked the nr1 HT lead
Removed the cap and turned the distributor so that the rotor lined up with the marking on the distributor housing
Marked that point on the damper as 0°

Thanks in advance


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