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1963 Jaguar engine block: 3.8 liter [Florida, USA]

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Orlando, Florida, USA   USA
I have a seized 3.8 liter block from a 1963 MK-2. It is crated and on casters.

there is no cylinder head, just the block with pistons, crankshaft, sump, timing chains, sprockets, damper,
dipstick tube. and who knows what else is there.

May I remind you it is SEIZED. Sat in the Arizona desert for millenia.

will need to be rebuilt, this is a CORE.

Make a decent offer.

I can help with shipping but buyer pays the trucking company, this thing weighs 20 thousand tons, fortunately it is sitting solidly in a very nice solid wood crate and can be moved around.

Actually I'm thinking I should offer a Crate with a Jaguar Engine inside. The crate is a work of art.

1965 Jaguar S type
1984 Jaguar XJ-6

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3.8-engine-crated-1.JPG    28.8 KB

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Coeshow Avatar
Coeshow Mike C
El Cajon, California, USA   USA
Hello. I'm looking for a good 3.8 block and am willing to pay a fair price. The only real issue I see with yours is there's no telling what condition it's in. Being seized isn't a problem so much as it may have cracks and possibly in the end be unusable. As such, what do you feel is a fair price for taking a gamble? As you mentioned, the thing weighs a ton. Shipping fees will likely be pretty expensive to San Diego where I'm located. Cheers!

Orlando, Florida, USA   USA
I'll send you a PM.

before being crated, the sump was removed and crankshaft / rods / inspected visually, everything looked good in there, I say "looked good" because it was not tested, it being seized.

The block was inspected as best as can be done without a dismantle and there are no cracks or anything obvious to the eye. I bought it for myself as a spare 3.8 block for my S type, but I realize I don't have plans to rebuild it so that is why I am selling it.

I can try to find out the least expensive way to get it there, I know a few trucking companies who make weekly deliveries to the storage facility where I keep it, so I can at least ask them. Their huge trucks have electric lifts so I do not see any problem with moving it into a truck or transporting it, They deliver huge industrial crates / containers with giant generators and such 3 or 4 times the size of my crated block, To those people the crated engine must be like a toy.

I'm going to bolt on some handles to make it easier to pull or push the crate on its wheels.


1965 Jaguar S type
1984 Jaguar XJ-6

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