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$46,500 For Sale *** Early Used Jaguar Parts Inventory 1950's-1970's & NOS Jaguar Late 1990's - 2005 [Lumberton, USA]

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Jersey Joe Silver Member Joe Chilbert
Lumberton, USA   USA
*** For Sale at $46,500 *** This is a great opportunity for the right person, with time on their hands, that likes the Jaguar cars.

Two good inventories (actually three, see below). 75% of mostly used Jaguar XK 120, XK 140 XK 150, XKE / E Type MK I MK II MK IV MK V MK VII MK VIII MK IX MK X 3.8S 420 420G A little XJ6 Series I thru III I purchased most of these early parts from a 40 old restoration shop that was closed for years before I got them. Also includes Approx. 15% good used parts for the Austin Healey 100-6, 3000, MGA, MG TD, TR-3, TR-4, Singer, Sunbeam that were picked up along the way. 10% NOS Jaguar parts, packaged with factory part numbers for the late 1990's thru 2005 cars. Mostly fitting the X & S type

Way much more here than shown in pictures. This will not fit into a 28' straight truck. 75% used late 1940's (a few MK IV & MK V parts left) thru 1970's *** 10% NOS late 1990's thru 2005 Jaguar parts *** 15% Austin Healey 100/6, 3000, MGA, MGTD, TR-3, TR-4 + Others.

Stored at 3 locations within 8 miles of Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 A 10X30 locker that is full (pictures are older, can't get in there now) A 48 foot drop frame trailer at 50% full (no pictures, kind of like Dante's Inferno) and my 24X24 parts room at the house. All of the NOS parts are at the house & most items I now have listed on eBay.

Includes many original, factory parts and service manuals for the Jaguar cars. I also have contact information for 200+ previous transactions with owners name, model of car(s) & phone numbers.

Best to call me at 609-518-0878 for a little better description and honest assessment. Not very organized, No inventory list, Embarrassed to take more pictures. You will have to come out, spend a day (at least) and see for yourself.

Might Split This Up As Such:

$11,500 NOS late 1990's thru 2005 Jaguar Inventory

$6,500 All Used Austin Healey 100/6, 3000, MGA, MGTD, TR-3, TR-4, A Little TR-6, Singer, Sunbeam and a few other models.

$33,500 All Jaguar Late 1940's thru Early 1970's

You can look at my current listings on eBay... http://stores.ebay.com/JerseyJoesJaguar-ClassicParts?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 ...to get a idea of some of what I have here. What is listed on eBay now is about 15% (probably less) of this package. Check my feed back to view items sold. I rarely have listed any of my small parts under $75 of value each. Plenty of little, much needed items are part of this inventory. No parts cars, I stopped parting cars out 20+ years ago.

This inventory might possibly fit into a 50' container if properly packed, floor to ceiling and you left some of the larger sheet metal and bumpers behind. I might assist with repacking, organizing and loading for a fee.

Again, Give Me A Call. *** Jersey Joe *** 609-518-0878

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