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Jaguar XK 120 aluminium hood (bonnet) for sale in Syracuse, NY, USA [London, GBR]

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alexromi Alexander R
London, London, UK   GBR
Hello. This is my second post today. I have a 1950's Jaguar XK 120 (maybe also fits the 140) hood (in US talk - bonnet in UK) which I picked up at a garage sale years ago "just in case" I or some other Jag enthusiast may need it one day. It is stored in Syracuse, NY, together with other Jag stuff, like the MK VII rolling chassis I advertised in my previous post a few minutes ago. I am losing my storage in Syracuse and have to clear out everything. As there is a tight deadline to vacate my storage, I have today placed an ad on eBay to sell the XK 120 hood by seven-day auction. The ID number of the ad on eBay is 122680030528. there you will find a more complete description and also many photos to show the condition. The starting bid I have suggested is 60 bucks. If it does nor sell in the auction, I will of course accept offers rather than sending the hood off to the scrap merchant. If, interested, have a look on eBay and bid. If you have questions or comments, respond either through this website or eBay, or better still, use my email and Skype contact information I have posted on eBay. I suggest Skype rather than phone numbers as I am currently on an overseas trip to many different locations so Skype is the best and cheapest way to make contact. I am online almost all day every day. Please remember that the auction will only run until September 7. I really hope that my parts may help to keep one or more 1950's Jags on the road. Incidentally, the components are located in Syracuse, NY, USA. Thanks. Alex.

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baloo Avatar
baloo Silver Member s y
Louisville, KY, USA   USA
Man, I just missed this posting (and your EBay ad)!
If the sale falls through, please contact me (live in Louisville, KY, area)
Ph 410-349-7576

1968 Jag 420G
1976 MG Midget, BugEye nose conversion
1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo conversion
1956 Jag XK140

alexromi Alexander R
London, London, UK   GBR
Hi, baloo. OK - if the buyer at the eBay auction pulls out of the deal, I will get in touch.

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sailr Avatar
sailr Glen Read
Edmonds, WA, USA   USA
Alex, I am no expert but I think your bonnet is worth a lot more than 60 bucks. Suggest you call several Jag used parts dealers and ask if they have one or what it may cost to buy one. I will be very surprised if they would not want to buy it specially if it is in good shape. I called Welsh Ent as they deal in used parts but they didn't have one. Called a couple of other dealers SNG Barratt want $7,900 for a new one made in UK. Called a Jag auto wrecker parts guy and he said you would pay a lot if you could find one. Hope that helps. Don't give it away.

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