Registry: 1957 Jaguar Mark 1

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Jaguar Experience RegistryUnknown Owner's 1957 Jaguar Mark 1 — “The Cat”
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“The Cat”
Not running, but this car is almost complete. What little is missing is
easily available. Rust in the bottom of the front left fender, otherwise
extremely healthy. Decent savable doors, with the typical rust starting at
the bottoms. There is surface rust here and there . A previous guardian
of this car put in a GMC inline 6 and 3-speed manual gearbox, and cut
the transmission tunnel in order to do so. The cutting needs to be repaired.
Car comes with a proper 2.4 liter XK unit that has been tank-dipped/cleaned
with a B type cylinder head and performance cams. This engine is ready for
rebuilding. The engine is not complete, but the crank and Cams are there.
The interior
is complete with all wood, trim, and instruments. The seats had been
reupholstered in vinyl when I bought the car.
The outside trim is there excepting the chrome rear window surround,
the spears for over each headlamp, and the “U” shaped surround for
the rear number plate. The bumpers and everything else are present, and in
restorable condition.
Please be clear: This is a non-driving, restoration example. It looks
better in the photos than it really is. There is surface rust here and there,
and the front right wing needs repair at the bottom and floor area where it meets.
The floors are otherwise good
and the boot is awesome. Sorry, no tool kit, bit there is a spare and it’s proper
hold down piece.
This is a Drum brake model. I believe that the headliner and B-Pillar
Wood trim and vinyl are original. The interior was originally Suede Green.
The “Cat” rolls when pushed and sits well on the road save for it’s tip-toed
stance due to the lighter engine.
This car is a masterpiece. It is from Jaguar’s golden age, (one of them) and
Deserves to be and should be brought back to it’s glory.
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Vehicle Information

Owner: Unknown Owner   [nobody]
Location: Not Set
Status: Sick, Needs Work

Model Year:1957
Build Date:1957-07-15
Original Colour:Lavender Grey
Current Colour:silver and dark grey
Odometer:24,230 miles
Body Code:H0010827
Engine Type:GMC 250 I-6 wet liner lump
Engine Code:19088N
Transmission:3-speed manual
Last Updated:2012-06-11 15:59:20

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2012-06-11 15:59:20

Changes from 2012-06-11 15:52:19 to previous record 2011-05-23 18:15:16:
body_code changed from: missing to: H0010827
engine_type changed from: non-Jaguar to: GMC 250 I-6 wet liner lump
trans_type changed from: to: 3-speed manual
nickname changed from: to: The Cat
status changed from: V to: S

Ownership History

Transfer Date Owner ID
2012-07-23 nobody
2011-05-23 john d   usa

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