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WTB: Series II Coupe (1968-71)

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Ricardito Ric Landeira
Longmont, CO, USA   USA
I want to buy a Series 2 Coupe (6 cyl only) in or near Colorado. I'm looking for a very good driver category car, no rust or accidents, manual transmission, originality not as important as condition, worst color for me is red (no offense) best is BRG, minor mechanical and/or electrical issues OK as long as they're fully disclosed, no body or paint work wanted, prefer private seller to dealers. Send me pics, price and location. Email me at: landeira AT Colorado DOT edu. I will respond to all serious contacts.


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Ricardito Ric Landeira
Longmont, CO, USA   USA
C'mon guys, help me out and point me in the right direction to find a nice driver series 2 coupe somewhere in the Rocky Mountain region. Surely somebody here must know somebody who has one for sale or knows where one is with a for sale sign (LOL).

mgruber921 Avatar
mgruber921 Marvin Gruber
Florence, AL, USA   USA
You're going to want one with A/C. Coupes are hot, even in the fall. Get a S1 if you can afford it. Better looking and value is better. Pass on 2+2 and automatics, real dogs.


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Mister Mitch Mitch Roe
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA

I could not disagree more....

Money grows on trees....

So....series 2 with covered headlights, 5speed, and 3.31 gears, new a/c system then new aluminuim radiator with duel high volume fans, xj6 engine with bigger valves and stronger faster on regular fuel, new wire rims...then add aluminium valve toggle switches, start button and key, and triple SU carbs

if a 2+2 then with a webasco sun roof then delete the a/c and now you can have a Jaguar Laycock compact A overdrive and delete the you get better arodynamics with the windshield having more tilt

Worst of the breed 3.8 series 1's......

Oh, I am a Colorado you do not need a/c of all buy one needing restoration...take it down to it is the journey...then and only then will you know what you have...

Do not buy one from high humidity areas like Alabama...these cars rust from the inside out and the inside structural are raw steel...set a panel outside in Alabama and watch it rust away....more over, if you really want the best stay out of Alibama and live in the high desert like Colorado.. Arizona or Nevada....somewhere dry where rust does sleep

Oh Please

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Ricardito Ric Landeira
Longmont, CO, USA   USA
Going back to my opening WTB, since I want a driver and not an investment I'll stick with a Series 2--more affordable, comfortable and drivable. No A/C necessary since I don't plan on driving it for long distances or in very hot weather. Upgrades are fine such as a 5-speed, aluminum radiator, newer alternator, halogens, newer wheels and so on. However, under no circumstances, no 2+2's, no automatics, no red color (already have 3 vintage reds), no over restored garage queen (already have those). Willing (grudgingly) to travel some distance from Colorado and I do have a trailer, but the conditions have to be right. I don't mean to sound hard to get along with but this is a special purchase for me and likely the last toy car I'll ever buy. Again, thanks to all who can point me in the right direction or who may want to consider selling their Jaguar.

Coeshow Avatar
Coeshow Mike C
El Cajon, CA, USA   USA
I wish I could inform you of something that would fill your needs but unfortunately I can’t. I will say from reading a response that there’s some clear and classless 2+2 haters among the XKE crowd!

So many 2+2’s have been sacrificed to restore coupes that soon 2+2’s will be the most valuable due to limited quantity!

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