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I might purchase an XJS

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dcasko1950 Gold Member Dana Casko
Deerfield, NH, USA   USA
I'm more inclined to be tooling around in one of my two MGBs or my TR7. I did a complete disassembly, paint and re-assembly on the '76 MGB and spent well over a reasonable sum of money to make it all new, inside and out. Both the '80 MGB LE and '80 TR7 are factory original, low mileage cars that have been very well maintained. I love these cars and they love all the money and care i lavish on them.

I've become smitten with a 1994 Jaguar XJS.Coupe. Black on Black. It has somewhat higher mileage at 149,000, but this car came from a fairly temperate climate (Texas) and is reported to have been judged within the last year at a Jaguar meet The seller claims that it is 96 points out of a possible 100 pts. for originality. Looking at it from underneath, it's hard to imagine it has that many miles because it's so clean under there.
Did i say I was smitten? My British friends would say it's a "lovely car". It's also been said that it's as "sexy as hell".
I'm not one to assign gender to a car, but at the risk of sounding foolish, I think it's a "He".
Whenever I see it at a club function, "He" taunts me with promises of all kinds of adventure, but yeah, this thing has taken hold of me like that redhead in high school.

It's in beautiful condition both inside and out. It does have a small spot of Texas sunburn on both the hood and boot, but otherwise just polishes up nicely and gleams. Not a lot of chrome on this model, but what it does have is in fine condition. It's the 4.0 litre six rather than the V-12. It starts effortlessly and drives so smoothly and it's so very powerful. When I first sat in it I got woozy and lost. I think i transitioned into another world and got 'unstuck in time". Have I mentioned that I think I'm smitten with this car?

After all this, the reason I'm posting is that I think I am in over my head. I'm qualified enough to judge the mechanical functionality, but now that I've lost my mind over it I have my doubts that i can be objective. Given my level of experience, is this something that I can handle or will I find myself running to a Jaguar dealer for service every other month and praying for Winter to give my wallet a rest?
It's been fully serviced at this point. I even wrote the check to have the transmission flush and fluids change performed so it's ready for Spring, though I can still back out.
Thanks in advance for your response and guidance.

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lucas2mg Avatar
lucas2mg Dennis Blevins
Quarryville, Southeastern PA, USA   USA
Go for it! We picked up a 94 2+2 convertible 4 years or so ago because SWMBO wanted a more comfortable (a/c, etc) "sports car" than our MGB and Midget and even the 70 e-type FHC. (Yes - our "advanced" age - early 60's - and more so, our advanced waist sizes, was making the MGs more and more difficult to "put on and take off"winking smiley. Although often looked down on as a "collector car" by many, the XJS will turn a lot of heads - to the point of being a "silver fox" (or younger) magnet. We get nearly as many comments on the XJS as the e-Type when we drive them. The 4.0 6 cylinder is well tried and proven and shouldn't carry the same service stigma that the V-12 does. Ours has certainly has been trouble free and not expensive to tune and maintain. The biggest issue that you'll encounter is that, by the industry, these cars are viewed as "used cars", not "collector" cars. So parts availability can be problematic. Your Jaguar dealer is not going to have many of the parts nor will our "usual suspects" in the collector car side, or in the after-market area. (I've been trying to find a correct set of mufflers for over 2 years.) When Ford got out of Jaguar most of the parts were just dumped by the factory, Jaguar Heritage, and the dealers. Maybe a surprise to many, our XJS is often our first pick to come out of the garage for an outing. So - bring "him" home and enjoy!

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scoupe89 Avatar
scoupe89 Jim Dunne
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
1968 Jaguar E-Type Convertible "Full Restoration Roadster"
1969 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 ~ For Sale ! ~
1987 Jaguar XJ-SC "Hanger Queen" ~ For Sale ! ~
1992 Jaguar XJ-S ~ For Sale ! ~
I have seen some nice XJS cars with low mileage for great prices.
Still the most under-valued cars around!



1968 E Type Roadster
1969 E type 2+2
1987 Jaguar XJ-SC V12 Champagne/Beige interior - 48k orig miles
1989 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Red/Beige - Dayton wire wheels
1992 Jaguar XJS V12 White/Beige - Alpine CD/MP3

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PeterT Peter T
Oxford, Oxford, UK   GBR
A good XJS at a good price is a no brainer, especially a 4 litre. My feeling is (having unsuccessfully looked around for one in the UK) that prices are rising, especially for the later 4 litre cars. The mileage may be high, but those engines are strong and wear very well. The later bodies have some zinc protection, but it doesn't totally guarantee against corrosion. Check carefully around the front screen for rust; it's a weak point and can be expensive to repair.

DBlevins Avatar
DBlevins Gold Member Dennis Blevins
Quarryville, PA, USA   USA
Here on this side of the pond the XJS' are starting to creep up price-wise. Several of the trade publications have run articles with the XJS as the next big thing in Jags. As you state - easy to get into cost wise and a decent looking and operating "classic". Some are high-mileage but if you look enough you'll find low mileage (40-65k miles) ones often enough - true 2nd cars for the Mrs.' or weekend rides, etc. Thats what ours was. We had it out last Friday for an "errand" trip - Dr. appointment, several other stops at various stores and early luncheon - and at least 6-8 folks gave us the thumbs-up or came over to remark on the car.
I know there could be some rust issues around the flying buttresses on the coupes which are a major repair issue but otherwise haven't heard much on rust issues elsewhere. Most comments appear directed toward the V-12.

PeterT Peter T
Oxford, Oxford, UK   GBR
KWE are fairly upmarket XJS specialists in the UK. There's some advice from them in the link below:


Don't be too discouraged by discussions of rust. All these cars are over 20 years old, so there has to be a lot of rusty ones. Just use the info to be sure you buy a good one!

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