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Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
1986 Merkur XR4Ti "The Rally Car"    & more
Welcome to all New Members!

We're getting lots of new members every month, so if you've been lurking and not sure where to join, scroll down and reply below.

Tell us a little about yourself, your Jaguar, your builds or plans, general interests, etc.

If you want to jump right in and ask a question, please click Start New Topic above.

Skye Nott

Webmaster, The Jaguar Experience

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vaxman Avatar
vaxman Dr. Bernd Ulmann
Bad Schwalbach, Germany   DEU
My love for Jags started as a child. After my 29th birthday I decided that time had come to make dreams come true and bought a wonderful XJ 4.0. Later an XJ12 followed, both long gone, and now I am the extremely happy owner and driver of an XJS Celebration Coupe (Carnival red) and an XJS Convertible (champagne).

Currently only two problems bother me: The ceiling of the Celebration has delaminated from the roof and is falling down. Has anyone experience with repairing this? Reglueing will be most likely not an option as the foam between the roof and the ceiling has decomposed.

The second problem regards the convertible: The rear window has partially delaminated from the heavy fabric of the roof. When folding the roof in, the fabric rips out from the rubber seal holding the glass pane. Are there any recommendations on how to fix this? Maybe glueing it back into place will work - what type of glue would be recommended?

Happy Jag driving to all of you - sincerely, Bernd. :-)

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argl.jpg    68.8 KB

argl.jpg    66.9 KB
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Maserbob40 Robert Shipley
Roma, Lazio, Italy   ITA
Joined over the weekend. 1961 Mk2, 3.4, 4-spd/OD. Mods include alloy rad, alternator, negative ground conversion, spin-on oil filter conversion, stainless exhaust, Pertronix points-eliminator, Dayton wires. (Important stuff first!) I bought the car for too much money in Northern Neck, VA, two years ago.Engine was rebuilt completely by some hack in Tappannock, VA, (You know who you are, Phillippe) & it took a solid week to get it to run properly.Former owner sold it to me in apparent despair of ever finding anyone who could do decent work on it. Fortunately it came with shop & parts manual, so I was able to reacquaint myself with the primitive SU carbs (after years of dealing with Webers). Now runs well, if a bit rich. No valve lash in #2 intake e.g. no compression, now resolved, but that's a story for another day.

Car, household goods shipped in 40' container to Rome, Italy, last fall. After briefly considering riding in the container, the wife & I flew over - toilet facilities & TV reception in container suck. Car now happily running around the crappy roads in Rome, pounding out the new suspension bushings I put in during winter of 2014. Ring gear was shot on original diff so I bought a 'locker' from a wreck with the same ratio, tarted it up with new brake lines, etc, rattle-can sprayed it, & it is now running along silently and leak-free. Brakes work a helluva lot better, too - larger diameter E-type cylinders were installed at some point & are now rebuilt. Future projects are to strip to bare metal & repaint - 15 yrs ago respray was poorly prepped & lacquer is cracking badly. May also have to yard out the gearbox as, unless I really plant it in 4th, it jumps out of gear during descents. May get by with eliminating slop in linkage, but I've dealt too long with old bangers like this to be optimistic!

Feel free to post any useful info you have about Mk2's & I'll try to return the favor...

Buona giornata a tutti.

JAG & VW 003.JPG    68.5 KB
JAG & VW 003.JPG

mgbx2 Avatar
mgbx2 Gary M
Peoria, Phoenix, USA   USA
A big hello to everyone on this site.
As you can see by the sign in, I am an MGB owner, (79 roadster in the US, 80 GT V8 conversion back in the UK), and use the MG site for its vast knowledge base and friendly atmosphere, but, I have always desired a Jaguar XJS.
After some months of looking and viewing at a few candidates here in the Phoenix area, (and with the wife's approval), I have finally taken the plunge and purchased a black 95 XJS 2+2. The previous lady owner hardly used the vehicle in the last 9 years of ownership, it is in very good overall condition but will need some TLC to bring it up to my fussy standards. Couple of tires, trunk struts, oil changes and general servicing items etc. for hopefully some trouble free motoring.

I am not the most prolific of posters, tending to look at library and technical articles before asking a question that has been beaten to death. But I look at the posts on an almost daily basis and I will look forward to harvesting the wealth of knowledge that I am sure the good members here have.
I am currently looking at all the vendors for parts and wonder if there are any that stand out for quality, price and service? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I look forward to being a member of this site and some top down motoring once the cat has been pampered.

Regards to all,

Gary M

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willela Larry Willey
Waldo, OH, USA   USA
I'm not sure I've introduced myself so I thought I would put a little something here for everyone. My name is Larry Willey. I am retired after 40 in HR as the IT Specialist and let my hair grow back to my 70s era. I live in Waldo, Ohio and yes I can tell you Where's Waldo. I own a 1999 XK8 which is red with Ivory interior. Mint looking. I have it all in pieces right now in my garage doing the complete timing chain thing with water pump, all new hoses, new Mina exhaust, plugs, air condenser, new Mina intake, lots of carbon fiber pieces front and back and that's just to get me started. You see, I've been building street rods, race cars, hot rods, you name it since 1970. This is my first British made car. They are so different the way they are constructed. Being from IT the computer side is nothing, but I still don't get the use of all the plastic stuff. You know, plastic, heat, time equals melt, cracks, shatters, breaks and so on. I've built every kind of car you can think of, I even went the tuner route with a 2009 Corolla. Never was a big Ford Man so I guess I blame them for the plastic. Can't blame British, too many cool cars from there like Lotus and Austin Martin and of corse Jaguar. It will probably never be done because thats how I am. I build something, then add something then maybe turbo it, then change the suspension. That's the fun of cars, doing your own thing yourself and have someone say, Wow, nice car and you can say, I built it myself. I've been building electric guitars for over 45 years too. Have my own brand and only play what I make. That was the 70s, cars, Rock and Roll, and a few other things. Now that I'm 60 I am a little slower but still build the same stuff. But the only thing I take is what I am prescribed because I had two strokes. Funny, when you are a kid you paid money to do stupid things now you pay money for stupid things just to keep you alive. Life comes full circle. If anyone ever has a question about something please ask. I joined this group thinking I might need help with something on the XK but instead I find a lot of people who don't even do their own work. I was surprised, that's the whole idea behind having a supposed Super Car is learning how it works yourself. And it gives you an excuse to have your wife of 40 years let you have a lot of cool tools. Lots of people call me Luther and that is the name of my guitars so feel free anytime, cars or guitars and I will help if I can. And by the way, I am thrilled to be one of you that own my dream car, a red Jaguar with white leather interior. Very cool as we say in the states. And as I always say at the end of my Facebook articles,"Peace"!

lorien2008 Mark Lorien
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia   AUS
Hello from Australia. My name is Mark and I am in the process of restoring a 1964 3.4 S-type. So far I have welded in all the rust-repair panels (all made at my bench) and have laid down a two-tone paint job in my shed. Soon I look forward to putting her back together and going for a cruise. I have completed restoring the engine, front-end, and IRS. I've yet to put the engine in, and hopefully after sitting in the shed it will fire-up OK. I've got a 1974 SII 4.2L engine married to a four-speed with electric overdrive gearbox from a SI XJ6. I've kept the S-type oil pan and oil filter housing on the 4.2. I also have sourced a 420G triple HD8 SU setup, with electric water pump and alloy radiator. The most radical change I've made to the car is to cut the rear wheel-arches into a round shape to remove the integrated spats. After finding how expensive a metal pair of coombs Mk II spats cost I ended making them at home from some 1mm plate. A lot of welding and some fibreglass reinforced filler and they look OK. I much prefer this to the original shape and am pleased with the outcome. If anyone wants to know how I did it I can post pictures of the process. Restoring this car has thrown many challenges and some rusty surprises my way over the past 4 years, and I am planning to name the car "The Duchess" as she was a right royal pain to restore. A couple of photos below, Cheers.

completed engine new flywheel and clutch.JPG    52.5 KB
completed engine new flywheel and clutch.JPG

rear wheel arches cut.JPG    34.8 KB
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rusty surprise inside the panel.JPG    42.9 KB
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rebuilt rear.JPG    49.3 KB
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haddock Bertus K
Heerenveen, Frisia, Netherlands   NLD
Evening all, or afternoon/whatever, depending on where you are.

Bertus here, from the north of the Netherlands, out in the country near a town called Heerenveen.
59 years of age, first Jag in my early twenties, fisherman then, good earnings.
Series II, two years old when bought, loved it, served me well.

Gas and oil industry now, onshore for a long time, no more platforms for me.

My '77 XJ-C is needing and awaiting restauration, plan to do that when I retire.
Shift worker and getting on (in age), so that's why I'm in no hurry.
Also have a series III, but that's more off a donor for an XJ-C coach with M-5 document that comes from England.

How I got here?

Never wanted to go for the new ones.
Was fishing in Scotland when the XJ40 surfaced, had no time for it, to be frank: hardly for the series III.
Went to Maserati, Subaru, Lancia and later Citroen XM sixes (still love 'm all).
Time went on, have friends on a Dutch forum, so achaye, I bought a raughter cheap high mileage well maintaned X300 Daimler Six as runabout.
Love it! Gave me the same feeling the XJ did when I was a young boy: Grace, Pace and Space (at least in the front).
So I dug in. I'm now in the process of buying a low mileage X306 XJR, not dirt cheap but a pretty thing she is!
It's sixes or twelves for me, never an eight, but that's just me. I like to comply with the old Sir William.


so I googled X300 tuning and found a quite explicit post here about the valves and ports being actually to large and not enough camlift, hated reading it, but thought there might be good knowledge here. Might put AJ6 heads on.

So I thought, best join this site, and here I am.

More history: owned a fair amount of British bikes, T5, T140, T150 and my much loved 750 Commando,sold it two years ago after odd 30 years of ownership, due to my knackered knee, regret it every day.
And had a B, a Spitfire Mk2 and Mk3,two 2s actually, but one was a parts car. And still own a Landy 90 and a Scimitar 6A.

Best to you all, hope there is life here.

daimler '96.jpg    47.8 KB
daimler '96.jpg

xjr7.jpg    44 KB
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x300spat1 (9).JPG    30.7 KB
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allied jaguar Robert W
Long Beach, CA, USA   USA
Hello fellow Jaguar fanatics. I've been an aircraft engine mechanic and machinist all my working life but Jaguars have always been my love. Began in England in the mid 60's working on E types for other people. In my youth was not able to afford one but I had the privilege of modifying and repairing other people's cars. At the age of 16 apprenticed at Rolls Royce Aerospace with unlimited access to the machine shop facilities. Myself and fellow mechanics made and modified a lot of parts for racing Jaguars. After moving to America in 1980, opened up my own aircraft engine overhaul machine shop. In the corner there was always a jag in the shop being worked on. It has always been a quest of mine to extract as much power out of these cars as possible. I've had good results and a few bad ones. The work goes on. At present, I own a Hess and Eisenhardt '67 convertible XJS. This has been modified with a Chevy 454 big block engine and a 700 R4 transmission. That's 580 horsepower. I've done a lot of Jaguar conversions over the years. When parts are not available I make my own parts. At this time I own a 1965 S1 Coupe completely refurbished and a 1969 S2 Coupe in the process of being refurbished. On the S2 I have taken the broken engine frame off and am in the process of building jigs to make a new engine frame that will be better and stronger than the original Jaguar frame. There is so much that can be done to make these magnificent cars better and stronger. I have the time and facilities to do a lot more and will continue to do so. I look forward to being a part of this Forum.

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Treozen Allan DB
Auburn, WA, USA   USA
Hello all -

So, here I am, a place I never expected to be - because you see, I swore off Jaguars and vowed never again to let one within arms reach.....lest said arm have a hand, with a hammer in it. You see, I started my jaguar life with a 1983 XJ6. It was gorgeous, it was fancy, it was flammable. After a freeway BBQ, I sold my XJ6 and decided that jaguars and I just didn't see eye to eye, and I returned to my American hot-rods. Still, some years later, and because I'm an idiot, I bought another 1983 XJ6 and this one, as it would turn out, was the more evil sister of the first. I fought with this car, pleaded, threatened - to no avail. As punishment, I performed a certain re-birth on this XJ6, one that I shall not detail for fear of being hunted down and stoned to death by the Jaguar Hordes....but take my American-Muscle background, and do the math ;-) . I sold this car too, immediately post - "renovation" because I hated its guts, and it mine. It was a mutual satisfying hate really. At this point, I turned to my American cars and apologized, yet again, and begged their forgiveness. Even at this stage however, I was unaware that Jaguar is a seductive and harsh mistress - I thought I was free, turns out, it was only probation.

Earlier this year, I spied a 1965 MKII and after trying to avoid destiny for weeks, purchased the car. She was in a generally solid but un-loved state. Half done really, things taken apart, some stuff replaced, others misplaced. As I approached, she was sitting outside, under a tarp, her headlights peeking out - sorrowful and neglected. As I peeled back the tarp, it was clear we were just in time - solid body, but not for long without action. After looking her over, I decided I could make it work - sure there's work to be done, but saving a car is worthy cause. Since then, we have been building a relationship, working to fix what others did wrong, and get her back on the road. We did have a long talk about the future though, and we both decided that given current state, and a desire to actually enjoy the car, that "strictly stock" was never going to work. So Resto-Mod MkII project is underway, and so far, we're getting along just fine.

Restomod-MkII shares her new dry space with a few step-siblings: 1957 Chevy, 1963 T-Bird, 1978 Corvette.


JustV12 Avatar
JustV12 Duane Grady
Toronto, ON, Canada   CAN
Greetings all;

Duane is my name and I am very very very involved with the Ontario Jaguar club.
Also really involved with the British Car Council of Canada as well.
I just joined a few days ago and I have posted once before seeing this,
here is that post for reference: MK 10 Mystery

I was sent here by Nigel Shiftright "Professor" at MOWOG university. If you get that reference.
If you don't know "who" that is, Nigel Googles really well.

To say I am deeply involved with British motors is well within the mark. I have owned about 50 motorcycles in my life, 7 Harley Davidson's exactly 2 Japanese bikes, exactly 1 Russian bike with sidecar and BMW engine and briefly 1 Indian "Motocycle". Meaning somewhere near 40 British bikes The first one was a 1961 BSA that gave me the first hands on experience with British bug back in 1977. I have not had a single moment in my life since that there hasn't been some kind of Brit motor in my life. and things have gotten much worse and much better at the same time. I don't think I have to explain that to you. If I did I would wonder about you.
I have had a wide mix and range of cars. According to my brother over 500. One constant is Jaguar XJ series 3 saloons. I have had XJ-6's and a few more XJ-12's.
I could drone on about stuff but i wrote a story some time ago that was published several times and I have pasted it into a journal on my page for anyone interested. You'll need about 10 minutes to read it, There was very positive reaction to it when it was first published.
So with that, I hope you read the story of how I got infected with the Jaguar-Brit car bug and cheers!


When working under your Jaguar be certain to secure it well.
While there is a measure of prestige involved in being crushed to death by a Jaguar, especially a V12, bear in mind the results are rather permanent.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 2016-05-21 11:45 AM by JustV12.

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Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
1986 Merkur XR4Ti "The Rally Car"    & more
Hi Duane, welcome to the website.

Sounds like you're deep into the British car world, so I should probably mention that you can now sign in with your account "JustV12" at any of the websites listed here, no need to re-register


If the Ontario Jaguar Club or any other clubs you're involved with need a forum, please get in touch!

Skye Nott

Webmaster, The Jaguar Experience

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JustV12 Avatar
JustV12 Duane Grady
Toronto, ON, Canada   CAN
Funny you should mention that forum thing Skye,
We just had the AGM for the "British Car Council of Canada" this past Sunday... and... it sort of came up.
We have well over 2500 members of various clubs in the BCC, and not even finished growing the organization.
We may double in size in the next couple of years
We have a lot of people to serve.
We are checking to see if our BCCI website can provide us with our needs and if not.. We might come knocking.


When working under your Jaguar be certain to secure it well.
While there is a measure of prestige involved in being crushed to death by a Jaguar, especially a V12, bear in mind the results are rather permanent.

Donaldco Don Cock
Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa   ZAF
1968 Jaguar E-Type 2+2 "Baby"
Hi guys My name is Don I live in South Afrika. I own a left hand drive 1968 2+2 E Type. I have been restoring this car as a hobby project. The original condition was not bad but needed lots of TLC. I have rebuild the difference and now the engine as it was smoking rather badly. At the moment it is looking good as well as goes beautifully. All the bushes rubbers bearings from the windscreen to the wheels has been replaced. Drives like a new car. I have had the old XJ6 series 1 as well as the XJS. When I grow up I would like the F Type.

20160522_151801.jpg    64.5 KB

140JAG Avatar
140JAG Silver Member Bob Hardison
Huntsville, AL, USA   USA
1956 Jaguar XK140 "Old Red"
1961 Jaguar Mark 2 "White Mark 2"
1965 Jaguar Mark 2 "Old Blue"
1969 Jaguar E-Type Convertible
I suppose I am one of the offending 'lurkers', so I'll introduce myself. I have had a love affair with Jaguars since I first saw my XK140MC DHC in 1973. I bought it, and discovered the timing chain tensioner spring had broken, and the chain was just loose enough to jump a tooth or two when the car hiccuped which made me retime the cams on the road side to get home. I decided to fix it and tore into my first XK engine. It's been greasy hands ever since. I found a Mark 2 sticking out of a garage, left a note on it and when the owner finally went out to look at it six months later, ending up buying it and limping it home on virtually no oil pressure. When I opened it up, the rotor inside the oil pump was in pieces, so I rebuilt my second Jag engine. I was in the military and later assigned to England, so the 140 just had to go back to the old country with me. I had became a half-baked Mark 2 expert, and was the East Anglia Jaguar Drivers' Club judge for Mark 2s. Since then I have owned five Mark 2s (still have two- anyone want to buy one?), a Series One XJ6, a 420S, an XJ40 (a POS-Jag should be ashamed), a Series 2 XKE OTS (which is the sweetest driving car I have ever had), and parts of a Mark 10 and other miscellaneous Jag pieces. Whenever a real Jag loving owner is asked how many he has, the number always ends in a fraction (eg., "I own 4 and 3/4 Jags....). I've attached pictures of three of them, the fourth is the previously mentioned Mark 2 which has completed bodywork, but no paint nor interior.

DSC_0339.JPG    40.4 KB

IMG_2183.JPG    49.6 KB
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Mark2 Side.jpg    42.4 KB
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jayco01 Avatar
jayco01 Jay Krigbaum
vancouver, WA, USA   USA
Coming over from the Triumph site.Over the past weekend I purchased my 1997 XK8 from a private party. I know nothing about these but am ready to dive in.I also have a 63 Triumph Spitfire that I'm finishing a frame off restoration on.I will have many questions in the coming days and months...Jay

028.jpg    23.7 KB

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