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1967 Series 1 E Type electrical issues

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MugenForge Andrew Carton
Saint Louis, MO, USA   USA
So, yes I searched before posting, did not see this covered... So, I'll apologize if its been covered before. I have an E-Type sharing space with some other projects, like my 1976 MGB, that I've had my hands deeply into for a long time. I'm very comfortable on it, but badly intimidated by the E. I inherited it, and while it had "character" it worked well enough at the time. It has become more and more troublesome of late.

At the moment, the clock doesn't work, I had it repaired, but wiring it in, didn't seem to help.

The horns don't work

The wipers don't work

There is a White with brown (I Think) wire in the dash that looks like it should be attached to somthing with a screw connection, but isn't. I can't seem to find where it should go...

Most troubling... Unless the battery is disconnected, the starter motor runs and run without the ignition being on, or the starter switch being depressed. I have been searching the car over and over for a starter relay of some sort, and am comming to the conclusion that there isn't one. My guess is that the starter died on me. In looking over the wiring diagram, It shows a nearly direct connection from the negative battery connection, and a single lead from the starter button. Looking at my starter, it shows the negative, and two wires connected to the starter.

Lastly, the tank seems to be leaking a bit... fumes at least. There doesn't seem to be a large crack or leak. Is there a sealant or something I can apply to prolong having to buy a whole gas tank?

This car has been sitting too long, and needs to be on the road. Any suggestions would be welcome

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St. George's, NL, Canada   CAN
Hi Andrew,
Don't be intimidated by the E-Type it really isn't that complicated. There is a wiring diagram available on google if you don't have a paper manual for your car. I had a '64 that had a separate starter solenoid but I see that your car has a solenoid mounted to the motor itself. The solenoid is stuck in the on position. You will need to remove it from the starter. Hitting it gently may release the contacts but the problem will still be there. You may be able to clean up the contacts but most likely you'll have to replace the solenoid.
As for the wiring it is just a time consuming exercise. All connections need to be clean and corrosion free or you will have strange things going on. Make sure the fuse connections are clean and tight.
I wouldn't worry about the clock. It is difficult to get a good one that works for any length of time.
Depending on how bad the tank is you may be able to save it by welding a patch (which can be dangerous) and also doing the sealant trick. A sealing kit is available from many outlets like Eastwood.
Do you hear a click when you try the horns? There is a relay for the horns. If you don't hear a clicking the relay may not be getting power or is stuck also. Try jumping the horns direct to the battery to see if they work. The Jag has a Mickey Mouse kind of mechanism connecting the horn button to the steering column and then
to the horns. Sometimes this mechanism fails to connect.
The gas tank is a serious problem but the other troubles you have are not.

Snnau Steve N
Springfield, MO, USA   USA
I have a 67 Series 1 E type here in Springfield MO you can compare to if that is any help.
Phillip Taxman in St. Louis was a big help to me when I restored my car about 5 years ago.
I replaced all the wiring when I did the restoration and that made it easier to test things as I went but that is probably not what you are wanting to do.

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Snnau Steve N
Springfield, MO, USA   USA
I used the Eastwood tank sealer after having the tank cleaned. It seems to be working but I had no leaks before.

Had my clock restored and it runs but keeps lousy time.

aidanc Avatar
aidanc aidan crabtree
auckland, Titirangi, New Zealand   NZL
Hi I also have issues with wiring and I find the diagrams of which I have many of no use at all as the color has gone from the original harness so can no be matched to the new, indicator switch, wiper motor, all grey wires?

Puddinhead Avatar
Puddinhead Patrick Forestell
Ocala, FL, USA   USA

How did you correct the Lucas starter problem on your etype ? I ask, as I have the same problem on my '66 fhc.


MKJag Avatar
MKJag Pat Ruster
East Tawas, MI, USA   USA
Several comments,

1. I agree with the install of the windscreen is from the outside.
2. Get an Etype electrical manual from XK's it is very précises. I completely re-wired my Etype with a new harness and had no issues. I suggest that you take good photos of the instrument cluster and fuse boxes.
funny things do happen, I lost my left turn indicator and tracked it down as a loose connection in on the passenger side of the dash. So you do have to search sometime.
3. Check you fill hose and vent on the tank if there is no obvious leak in the tank, also your pump connections, fuel line connections and carbs for leaks.
4. If all else fails give the Jag to me.

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