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rear radius arm placement

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Jeffery L Silver Member Jeffery Stifel
Cincinnati, OH, USA   USA
I'm restoring my 1968 2+2 that has been sitting since about 1982 or so. I'm almost ready to start reassembly. My problem is that when I removed the rear end the radius arms pulled out the rusty body mounts, cup base and all. I refabricated the undercarriage and welded in new metal but I am left with the problem of where the cup bases are located. I'm assuming this is critical for proper handling. Any drawings, dimensions, reference material, or other help as to where they are to be positioned for proper alignment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jeff

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St. George's, NL, Canada   CAN
Hi Jeffrey,
I bought an E-Type in 1985 that was very rusty. It was a car that Paul Skilleter says to avoid because the floor area where the radius arm bolts to was rusted out. It is a dilemma. I have many books on the E-Type but not one of them has any dimensions for where the fitting cups must be attached. That is strange because most factory workshop manuals have diagrams to help with accident damage. Once you get the rear end all refurbished and tight it may be simply a matter of offering up the big end of the arm with cup attached and tack the cup in that spot. The arm doesn’t have any adjustment provisions so I assume it is there simply to add strength to the lower control arm rather than as an alignment measure. Perhaps there are adjustable arms available these days. I know there are adjustable arms for other cars. Of course there must be many people on this forum that can measure their car or if you know someone close by with an E you can measure that. Unfortunately we sold our car last year after 31 years so I can’t measure ours.

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Interceptor Mike Brand
Shenandoah Valley, VA, USA   USA
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.....Here is an expired UK Ebay listing. For $6.69, this Guy was selling a PDF File for a Series 2... E-Type Engineering Drawing with Dimensions. Looks to have the info you need. I suspect if you contact him he would relist. However, if you continue to search, you may find this information out there somewhere for free.


.....I agree with David, you could likely locate it after the IRS was mounted. Like you, I would want to make it as accurate as possible. Knowing the dimensions... you have something to work with.

My sympathies to you! Everything I have purchased from Ohio was well rusted.
Good Luck with the E-Type


Edit *** Hold on Jeff ***... I just looked in my S1 Service Manual. It appears I have the same Illustration and Data page. Now this is S1...I don't think there is any difference....but I haven't looked at the measuring points. I can scan this and send to you.

Edit2 ....OK...Sent those to your Email Address. They are measuring from the Body Centerline and the Front of the Rear Fender Well.

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