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4.2 Series II Engine Rebuild

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JeffreyDurbin Jeff Durbin
Los Angeles, USA   USA
Has anyone done a full rebuild on their Series II 4.2 engine? If so, who did it and what did they charge? I have lusted after an XKE since I was a teenager about 40 years ago and now that I am contemplating getting one I want to assume the worst with regards to the engine.

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Aircommuter John Powell
Coulterville, CA, USA   USA
This probably won’t help too much. In 1965 I was working in my fathers shop rebuilding engines of all types, in 1968 the shop rate was $8.00 hr. In the early 70s I had the business at my home shop, and it was $10.00 hr. Then it started to escalate like crazy, now retired I do some work in my Home shop @$100.00 hr. I rebuilt some 3.8 & 4.2 Jaguars in the mid-seventies for $13.00 hr, they are slow rebuilds mainly because of removal times and setting up the heads, and timing chains. My home shop is in a rural location, in metro areas rates are $150.00 hr and up.i don’t have access to the hours here, but when I get back this week I can look up the hours, then you will have a rough idea.
I am going to be doing my 1968 E-type pretty soon, then I will have current prices for everything, parts, and machine shop prices. My E-type and home shop are attached.

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RedBird64 Avatar
RedBird64 Ken Ashbrook
Severna Park, MD, USA   USA
It's been a number of years since I rebuilt my '67 2+2's series 1.2 4.2 engine. Except for the timing chain/cams area, it's pretty straight forward, that is, if one has good previous engine building experience.
What would I have done different?.... I would have added the cam tappet hold down kit, however, I'm not sure they were even available in the 70's.

See item 40 in this pic....

Good Luck!

Severna Park, Md
'67 2+2 E Type
'08 XK-R Portfolio

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formercat1 Avatar
formercat1 Mack Besser
Maple Park, IL, USA   USA
Auto Machine, St. Charles, IL does rebuilds for the well known JK Restorations in our area.
A complete : dismantle, rebuild, reassemble. Parts/labor. About 7K.
I'm sure LA has someone to handle this, maybe for less money, but be sure it's balanced &
blueprinted. Tappet holdown kit ON BOTH SIDES. ALL NEW: timing gears, chains, tensioners, etc.
Don't waste money on fancy HI-PERF headgaskets that the vendors tout. Don't forget to have
the oil galley plugs taken out of crankshaft when cleaned. If you have it bored, (good idea),
you could use the 8.5 ratio pistons, which would be more adept to the crappy low octane gas
available. Back in the day E-types were suggested to use 95+ octane. You can get the 100
octane gas at those stations close to a circle track. BTW...have them use the silicon/bronze
valve guides. Mack

1R11126 Perry Davids
Plan on $8000 to $10,000 for a complete proper job. I would recommend XK's Unlimited is San Luis Obispo - sort of near you

Wingnut2 Dale M
Corolla, NC, USA   USA
Add a few hundred and have the engine/car dyno'ed after the rebuild.

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