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XJ engine in XKE

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AHDiver Alan Roberts
santa Cruz, CA, USA   USA
1960 Austin-Healey 3000 "Toot Toot"
I recently purchased a 1968 Jaguar XKE OTS series 1.5 I was told that the original dealer swapped out the motor and trans to a auto XJ model engine #7L42988S. No sure trans number yet?
Can anyone tell me the year that this engine is? and what differences I should look for on the motor? Can I put of SU triples on this engine with the correct intake manifold?
Did they have to do any modifications to the engine or engine bay to install this motor/trans other than the center console and
How different is it when I order spares for this motor?
This is my first XKE so I will have many questions coming smiling smiley

Any info would be greatly appreciated
Santa Cruz CA

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formercat1 Avatar
formercat1 Mack Besser
Maple Park, IL, USA   USA
Look in the XK'S Unlimited catalog: they break down xj6 engine #'s, if you look at the oil filter housing page. (as I remember).
You can put the triple carbs on this engine w/proper 4.2 manifold, which can come from an E-type-quite expensive-or ...a MK X or 420 G.
These will be less costly, although they don't look exactly like an E-type manifold. But, since you are modifying the car from original 2 carb
system, that should not be an issue. You probably would want to get an earlier model distributor (DMBZ6A) which would come from earlier
E-type, 3.8 S, MK II, etc. You can tell these distributors because they are very heavy cast aluminum. Have a better advance curve.

jozx7r Avatar
jozx7r Joseph McCloskey
Co Donegal, Ireland   IRL

You will have to source triple Su''s specifically for an e type/xke. The SU's used on other jag models won't fit under the bonnet/hood of your car, the manifold is angled upwards and the carbs touch the hood. i have an XJ6 engine in my 1969 FHC with no issues.

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