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Reanime Edward H
Dallas, TX, USA   USA
I'm new member here and was wanting to know where I might find a vendor who sells or makes license tag decals for the bonnet to match rear plates? I'm sure I can have a signage place fabricate one but was hoping there was a vendor who would take your plate numbers and make a bonnet decal with proper font size per British spec for my '66 xke

Thanks for any replies.


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paul.s paul smith
sydney, Australia   AUS
not sure why you would need british style plate decals if in the usa, possibly you wish to use your usa numbers.
plenty of companies doing this in the uk, just google, license plate replicas or something similar.
here in australia i went to a signage company and they came up with decals that are easy to affix. cost$35. adhesive backed and have lasted well. be very careful that you get everything properly aligned as once laid on, theres no going back. messed up the 1st try. i think i ended up using cotton string and tape to set guide lines on the bonnet [hood to you guys] the signage co. had a laser printing machine or somesuch gadget which produced the decals.

word of warning these replica plates are technically illegal although they match the issued plates. as yet i've not been pinged, but they look so good i'm running with the idea. i always keep the originals in the car.

the real problem is affixing the real plates. they can't go inside the air intake as it will interfere with the cooling.
jaguar had an idea that never got into production . the plates were hinged at the top edge and fitted under the bonnet as per normal. a wire arm then goes through the bonnet to attach to the hinge bar.[you should see the hole which is in place for this] when the bonnet was opened the plates rotate upwards giving ground clearance.

good luck, paul

Reanime Edward H
Dallas, TX, USA   USA
Thanks Paul. Since the jag is technically in classic car mode now (not my daily diver) I only take it for short spins around the 'hood and the cops marvel at the car (salute the car not the plates). Despite my British rear plate (vintage) I bought on ebay, they seem to care less and assume enthusiast and run along. Bottom line I never get hassled. The vintage ebay plates from god knows what registrant in England from the 60's really make a difference vs the embarrassingly cheesy hideous Texas "Antique Car" logo on the govt issue plates tucked away in the boot just in case

Anyhow, your info is well taken and my next step is to hit the signage shops to fab a decal of my legal "antique car" plate numbers I recently applied for and acquired ( no more yearly inspections!) so I'll be quasi legal with the legal registration plate numbers on the bonnet decal with the vintage ebay plate in the rear, and as u say, carefully apply to the bonnet. Very cool to know that they actually considered the hinge front plate to accommodate the nose down position.

Btw, for anyone out there reading this, I bought new porcelain exhaust manifolds fom Welsh Enterprises. and it took only 10 miles after install before the ....ah-hem.."porcelain" coating blistered up, peeled off like snakeskin and fell in a pile on the garage floor filling my dustpan the next day. Stay away from this product!!!!

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jaysabree Jay Sabree
Boca Raton, FL, USA   USA
I know this guys will do a sticker kind of plate http://customlicenseplates.us/ not sure if thats the same....

SavannahDog Gold Member Julian Carter
Lincolnton, GA, USA   USA

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