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MK2 Interior transformation

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Treozen Allan DB
Auburn, WA, USA   USA
Hello folks - Thought I'd provide a few shots of the seats / dash / interior work now that the headliner is in. I know that this modified interior will not be to everyone's taste, but the goal for this car is comfortable, reliable, functional and fun, and the original interior lacked a few things that that regard, in my opinion. Seats are 1999 Jaguar XJ8 power seats (very nice match to the original rear set really) Console from same car with aftermarket generic DIN slot replacing the factory radio. Seat belts from Amazon, lol, but they work and fit nicely into the '99 Jaguar belt clips. Dash and wood was "restored" by me - I'm no wood worker, and I did not replace any missing burl veneer - I just worked with what I had, although I did replace the dash pieces with some from another car due to water damage. The new pieces were in need of sanding and restoration so I did my best, but its not "mirror" flawless like original - good enough for a driver.

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Orlando, FL, USA   USA
excellent work. I already saw this in another forum. When can you do my headliner? the finger smiley

1965 Jaguar S type
1984 Jaguar XJ-6

MKJag Avatar
MKJag Pat Ruster
East Tawas, MI, USA   USA
Very nice, did you change the drive train out?

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Treozen Allan DB
Auburn, WA, USA   USA
In reply to # 13920 by MKJag Very nice, did you change the drive train out?

I did yes, I went through a few considerations but ultimately went with a SBC 350 / 700r4 combination. Prior experience has taught me to keep that part quiet though. Around 10 years ago I converted a 1983 XJ6 to Chevy power, and this was after exhausting all conceivable (and a few inconceivable) means to get the original engine to run. It was basically a project I'd always wanted to do, but I did want to keep the Jag engine and tried literally everything, but in the end, I hauled the XK out and dropped in a Chevy 350......You'd have thought I clubbed 42 baby seals to death with a tire iron based on some of the feedback (not this forum, an older one). It didn't matter how much I'd tried to get the original engine to work, or the fact that none of the members of the "original-only" persuasion had any success in suggesting working solutions. The car was now a "lump" - a distasteful term in my opinion, and regardless of obvious and clearly evident benefits (one of which was a running car that wasn't being stripped for parts and otherwise being sent to the crusher) I had, apparently, ruined the car.

I have had, and still do have, a small collection of classic vehicles from several manufacturers - Jaguar, Ford, Chevy, Cadillac for the most part. Each has their group of "Stock-preferred" members and those even more stringent, the Concourse guys, but nowhere have I encountered the level of outrage and animosity toward changes, to the extent that modification is near blasphemy, than among Jaguar aficionados. In most ever other case, members may disagree with a change, but respect the work, but I found that to be mostly untrue of the more traditional Jaguar groups. I think the Jaguar arena is perhaps the first I found where they'd almost rather see a car rust away as a yard ornament, than be preserved and restored to life, all be it with a modified drive train.

I've since found a few forums that seem more open to the idea, or at least won't grab the pitchforks and torches at the first hint of a modified engine ;-)

Whimaway36 Avatar
Whimaway36 Bill Coon
Greensborough, vic, Australia   AUS
Hi Allan
Sorry to disagree with you, but you no longer have a Jaguar.

The xk engine is a very reliable engine that was designed way ahead of its time.
however i am sure your car performs great and meets your needs. It is your car your choose


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