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Air Condition System Charge

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magicohmeohmy Avatar
magicohmeohmy Donald Lowery
Having a new problem with my air conditioning, which has had other problems, but now just not cooling with max fan.
90 to 100 degree F coming soon.
Went to everyone (Jaguar dealers in the region, and homegrown mechanics that the dealerships referred me to)
Thought I would start with a checkup and recharge my system with freon.
Jaguar dealerships turn down all work, even maintenance.
Then they give me a phone number to call, usually a satellite in the same city that they say does the work.
They all say they no longer have the tools to do that job.
Some say they never want to work on these models again.
Plus, most say that I cannot use generic freon.
First question they ask, "Do you have R-24 converter?"

Do you know anything about this issue?

1994 XJ-40/XJ-6 owner.
Also, does anyone know a qualified Automotive Air Conditioning Mechanic that will work on 1994 Jag?

Quick story:
One mechanic recommended by Peretti Baton Rouge Louisiana Jaguar dealership .
Said over the phone,
"I don't work on old brittle Jaguars".
I told him I had a car that had all new parts throughout, even a $4000 paint job.
He said with finality, "I have had all horrible customers that own old Jaguars".

Any reply/help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Aren't cars made to fix?

Donald Lowery

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Black Jake John Hall
Brisbane, Australia   AUS
Hi Donald,
Sorry to hear you're having problems and I'm not sure I can help you, but I'll try. My XJ40 was originally charged with Freon 12. This gas is now banned and mostly unavailable. Your car may have had Freon 12 or Freon 22. You may have to change the gas to Freon 134A. You will not need to change the compressor but may have to change the expansion valve and you will have to change the oil and the dryer.
My car is an Australian one and I have had no trouble apart from a recharge due to leaking 'O' rings on the back of the compressor. However, we have specialist auto air conditioning service agents and I don't use Jaguar for this job. Mine is mobile and comes to my house, but I don't think he will come to you.
I'm surprised you seem to be having trouble getting this job done, I have bought parts from the USA
Good luck

This is a link to Jag-Bits in California.

DBlevins Avatar
DBlevins Gold Member Dennis Blevins
Quarryville, PA, USA   USA
Although offically banned - you can easily buy R-12 freon on eBay. The "trick" is to find someone willing to work on your system. Most will say they cant do it because they don't have access to R-12. Parts needed - especially o-rings - should also be readily available. If it gets beyond that you're likely looking at converting to 134. I was fortunate enough to find a fellow (through a referral through a shop through a friend) that buys cars and exports them out of the US that still had his certificate to do A/C work. The a/c on our 94 XJS was not putting out cold air. Thought that seals on compressor may have gone bad, but apparently just dried out. He "had no access to R12" but I got some from eBay for him and he recharged and checked system for leaks - and its been ok for more than a year. Sorry - from PA, so this fellow no help for you. Keep looking for an "old guy" that's been around the block and not a parts swapper like so many now. May be retired auto mechanic, or switched to specialty work like the guy I found.

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