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Steve Thornton Silver Member USA

Author: Steve Thornton Silver Member USA
Total 3 posts - Started on 2012-04-19

1956 Jaguar 2 4 Litre Saloon aka the Mark 1 fres
It's been almost five years since the last update here. Five years in an old Jaguar's life turned out to mean a new fuel tank, a new fuel pump, a new steering shaft coupler, resurfacing the head, new valves and guides for the unleaded world, a new paint job over new body-work including cutting out some rust from the areas just behind the rear wheel cutouts, proper installations of the ready-to-fall-out front and rear windscreens. The new color is the same as the old, old color. It is now a nameless (and not easily described) rendition of what you get when you apply Golden Sand and then let ...

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harris d USA

Author: harris d USA
Total 28 posts - Started on 2011-12-27

when i was in high school, in the early 80s, i learned that i could legally distill alcohol for automotive use. i researched it thoroughly, but decided not to pursue it. it required licensing, and the still of course, which had to pass strict guidelines which were no problem, the problem was lack of funds.....it was pretty expensive. I knew that racers used alcohol, i knew the military used it to cool aircraft engines and add power on take off and at altitude.....what i didn't know was the effect it has on carbs and fuel lines. with the advent of gas station ethanol, i learned just what it d...

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Luca Manni ITA

Author: Luca Manni ITA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2016-11-02

cover page June 2017
my name on cover page + 6 pages inside

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Jack Kay USA

Author: Jack Kay USA
Total 1 posts - Started on 2016-06-07

I am pleased to report that my Series II E-Type - OTS won 1st Place in the Driven Division at the Susquehanna Valley Jaguar Club competition held at Sunset Park in York, PA on May 28th. First time ever entered and hope to be able to participate in future events as well. Great Club with nice group of members.

Dane B USA

Author: Dane B USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2014-10-04

My long since ex wife used to enjoy drinking lunches with other narcissistic wanna be rich head cases. A peculiar outcome of one such soiree was proof of how fine British steel is. As she was driving away from the fine and laudable social event she made a sudden and un-signaled lane change to the right. Alas, a poor miscreant driving a Honda appliance was there at the unfortunate and same time. Not appreciating the importance of this divine creature-my wife-not the XJ, had the temerity to continue driving forward as she converged upon his lowly vehicle. Being a 72 the Jag had the original ...

John Hall AUS

Author: John Hall AUS
Total 3 posts - Started on 2012-04-03

It's been a very busy year for me with my cars. I have just added an X300 in truly pristine condition. Unmarked inside and out with only 53,000km. The photo shows it with my older XJ40 which is also in excellent order. Both cars are fully registered and used daily by either my wife or myself. She prefers the XJ40. Since my last blog the XJ40 has been repainted in its original Bordeaux Red and looks fabulous. It has also had both rear and front suspensions reconditioned and four new tyres. It has now done 180,000km (112,000 miles) I still do my own servicing and both cars have ha...

Lawrence Reyes USA

Author: Lawrence Reyes USA
Total 5 posts - Started on 2012-10-28

Lowered Suspension
Tinkered a bit with my Height Sensors and found that the Suspension can be adjusted by moving the brackets up or down. Note: I purchased the Mongoose cable and the SDD/IDS software but the software can not communicate with the vehicle.

Edward Bowe USA

Author: Edward Bowe USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2012-04-23


Brian Lavey USA

Author: Brian Lavey USA
Total 4 posts - Started on 2013-08-08

The Radiator
Received my BE COOL aluminum radiator Saturday, the 31st. I also received the custom made T-piece to tie-in the two top radiator hoses to a single radiator inlet. This will convert my setup from a pass & a half to a single pass cooling system.

Pro Crast USA

Author: Pro Crast USA
Total 3 posts - Started on 2013-01-12

Droped the Window unit
I have found the information that I needed to pre-load the rearend

Roger Butt GBR

Author: Roger Butt GBR
Total 14 posts - Started on 2013-06-14

Albert Betts Jaguar
Albert Betts' Jaguar - UXF363 - prepared at his Clapham-based (and later Southall-based) AWB workshop. The Magna wheels were painted to match the two-tone paintwork. The car survives and was a recent winner at the Goodwood Revival meeting.

Donald Lowery USA

Author: Donald Lowery USA
Total 6 posts - Started on 2012-06-26

Took it to an air cond. repair shop. Works fine when outside temperature is no higher than 85 degrees F. A check showed compressor was not performing very good. Quoted $1852.00 USD for replacing compressor and dryer. Found out this repair shop is NOT good. Looking for better repair shop. Found one in Metairie, Louisiana. They are booked solid at all times for 3 weeks ahead. Went ahead and made appointment.

Greg Luzny USA

Author: Greg Luzny USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2011-07-04

My harmonic balancer went out. The rubber between the 2 metal pieces dried out and split. This caused the belt spinning the alternator to slip and dropped the voltage so the battery wouldn't charge. I used a company named "Dale Manufacturing" to rebuild it. They only charged $110. and did a fantastic job! The Jag is running great again and a joy to drive. Below is a link to their web-site. I thought I'd pass this along since I hear this is a common problem. Dale Manufacturing Link: http://www.dalemfg.com/harmonicbalancer_018.htm

Joseph Giesler USA

Author: Joseph Giesler USA
Total 2 posts - Started on 2011-06-16

I have been the enthusiastic owner of my 1999 XK8 for 16 months now. My original 28K garage queen now has 47,328 miles. I drive the car a lot. I entered it in the 2011 Houston Concors De Elegance in the driven division and won class runner up my first time out of the gate. I have enjoyed every minute of owning this car. Hope to see you out there with the top down Joseph

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